Xulos is the god of Agony and Undeath. He is generally thought of to be evil, though he is not unnecessarily cruel or malicious.


Name: Xulos

Xulos, the God of Agony and Undeath

Player Name: Darklord2831

Domains: Undeath (Undead), Suffering (Agony)

Holy Symbol: A human skull with small tusks jutting from the lower jaw. An inverted pentagram is carved on the forehead.

Favored Weapon: A curved dagger, dripping with poison.

Description: Xulos is a god who spreads pain and death to those who he dislikes. His mortal followers are few, and those who do follow him can almost always be called insane. Who would worship a being who's very existence is pain incarnate? Who would worship a god who's entire being is made up of dying. Not death, nor life, but the in between stage. The agonizing and dark stage between life and death, where the spirit attempts to rend itself free of the body, and the body attempts to return to the earth from whence it came.

Xulos takes a form that many find, disturbing, to say the least. His body is wrapped in blood-soaked cloaks, and he constantly drips blood. Beneath the tattered cloaks shows his rotted body, dripping wounds laid out in strange patterns across his torso and arms. His bare skull has small tusks jutting from his lower jaw. His forehead glows with red light, emanating from an inverted pentagram burned onto his forehead.


Xulos, being the god of Agony, Undead, and Plagues, has spread plague and pain throughout the world. While his creations are not numerous so far, they are powerful. He has created the Festering Swamp, a dangerous and disease ridden place in the southern lands of the Aeron. He has created Necromancy, the magic of warping the body and spirits of living beings to do various things. Xulos has also created insects that spread disease and plague almost undetectably. Where there is a swarm of mosquitoes, locusts, ticks, or fleas, there is pestilence.

Xulos has chosen a human, an Aeron, to be his first necromancer. The man named Garen Drexelhand has found his fate influenced by divine forces, and is well on his way to become the first Necromancer.