Vemrya, also known as the Knight, is a lawful good god of Order and Valor. He is the creator of the Aeron and their lands.


Vemrya, The Knight Played by: Q'telun Domains and Portfolios: Law (Order), Good (Valor) Description: Dressed in full plate and bearing a lance and shield, Vremya is the patron god of all those who seek good and justice in the world. He despises the wicked and those who fight underhandedly, Vremya charges his followers to always act with honor, no matter how small an action might seem. To right wrongs and defend all is the mission of his clerics, and those who die while upholding his mission are given great glory in the afterlife. Vremya is obviously a lawful good god.Holy symbol: His shield, which has a lance pointing up wreathed in ivy.==Creations== So far, Vemrya has created a race of humans called the Aeron, and has given them the basic tools to expand. He has also given them boats, and a great sense of honor through the introduction of the Knight's Code. To facilitate the Aeron's growth, Vemrya created the Knights of Dryearlylth.

The KnightsEdit

The knights of Dryearlylth are divided into three orders, the Order of the Rose, the Order of the Sword, and the Order of the Crown. The Order of the Crown is mainly younger knights, unproven on the field of battle or peace. They are the largest order. The Order of the Sword is comprised of knights that have shown great valor in peace or in war, but not in both. There are fewer of these knights, simply because the requirements to advance are somewhat stringent. The Order of the Rose is the order that embodies Vemrya, to become a Knight of the Rose one must be valorous in all aspects of life and have completed a quest to prove this to Vemrya. Those that join the Order of the Roses are said to be blessed by Vemrya himself, but this is conjecture.