Festering Swamps

The Festering Swamp

The Festering Swamp is a place filled with disease and insects. The putrid waters of the marshland conceal venomous reptiles and disease ridden insects.


The Festering Swamp was created when Xulos, the God of Agony and Undeath, dripped his open wounds down onto the world, corrupting and defiling the landscape. The native creatures of the swamps, Locusts, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, all drank in this bile, and gained immunity to disease. However, they still spread the vicious plagues that they are host to.

Events of ImportanceEdit

The Festering Swamp has been host to one important event in history.

Necromancer's FollyEdit

The first Necromancer, Garen Drexelhand, fled to the Festering Swamp to learn his art. He dwelled deep in a cave that came to be called Necromancer's Folly, and survived on mushrooms and putrid water. Blessed by Xulos, he went untouched by the insects and reptiles of the swamp.