Lyruath is the first hero of Vemrya, and quite probably the last.

Character StatisticsEdit

Name: Lyuath Kennyr'rahael

Race: Aeron

Class: Knight

Appearance: Medium sized human with close cropped brown hair

Early LifeEdit

Lyruath was born the son of a guard of Bayhelm, and was easily accepted into the guard at the age of 16. For 10 years he guarded the town from the physical dangers of the land.

Becoming a heroEdit

At the age of 26, Lyuath became a hero by being in the right place at the right time. As a man was exiting a crypt, Vemrya blessed Lyuath and told him to intercept the other man. Lyuath complied, and chased him down, trying to reason with the man, before the other man, Garen Drexelhand, pulled out the Black tome and stood his ground to fight. Lyuath simply let him go out of disgust.

The First Battle of BayhelmEdit

Lyuath traveled to the capital of Aeron, and the headquarters of the Knights, to raise an army to retake Bayhelm. He was aided by the Narudan, but when he got there, he found that the army was ready, and simply joined it. On the way to Bayhelm, they were stopped by the lowliest peasant, before another fae showed up and distracted the Peasant so the army of knights could get past.