Kiki-Jiki, Creator of Mayhem

Oher Titles: the Great Raider, Bringer of Chaos, the Wicked One and many more amongst the goblin. Chaos even in the number of titels.

Symbol: A wicked scythe with a trail of blood.

Played By: Umbranar

Domains and Portfolios: War (raids), Chaos (Mayhem)

Description: Kiki-Jiki`s appearance is that of a wicked green creature; small with a pointy nose and a mad grin. He wields a scythe decorated with skulls and bones. On his head he wears a helmet made out of bone with runes painted in blood. He often speaks to himself and always refers to himself in third person. Kiki-Jiki likes to mess around with mortals, giving them a nudge to act misschievous as chaos is entertaining to him, especially if it results in the spilling of blood and death.

His ultimate goal is plunging the universe in total chaos and mayhem, every race fighting amongst themselves and others. Even better than that, having the other gods fighting with eachother! It is a long shot, but a shot will worth the effort.